Polish Poppy Seed Cake

Are you looking for recipe inspiration Polish Poppy Seed Cake ? How to make it is difficult and easy. If it is wrongly processed, the results will not be satisfactory and it tends to be unpleasant. Whereas Polish Poppy Seed Cake What is delicious should have an aroma and taste that can provoke our taste buds.

Many things more or less affect the quality of the taste of Polish Poppy Seed Cake, starting from the type of material, then the selection of fresh ingredients, to how to make and serve it. Don’t worry if you want to prepare Polish Poppy Seed Cake delicious at home, because as long as you know the trick, this dish can be a special treat.

As for the number of servings that can be served to make Polish Poppy Seed Cake adalah 1 serving. So make sure this portion is enough to serve for yourself and your beloved family.

So, this time, let’s try it, let’s create it Polish Poppy Seed Cake home alone. Stick with simple ingredients, this dish can provide benefits in helping to maintain the health of our bodies. you can make Polish Poppy Seed Cake use 22 type of material and 14 manufacturing step. Here’s how to make the dish.

My husband kept saying how much he wanted to eat this, so I tried making it for him.nnThis is actually a snack that is eaten in Poland on Christmas.nYou can store leftovers in the refrigerator. When rolling it up, dust your work surface with a lot of flour and roll out the dough as thinly as possible. Try to make at least three turns. Just as you do with sushi rolls, roll it up tightly in the beginning. Recipe by Akusia

Ingredients and spices that need to be prepared to make Polish Poppy Seed Cake:

  1. For the dough:
  2. 125 grams Bread (strong) flour
  3. 125 grams All-purpose flour
  4. 1 tsp Instant dry yeast
  5. 50 grams Sugar
  6. 60 ml Milk
  7. 1/2 tsp Salt
  8. 50 grams Butter
  9. 30 grams Sour cream
  10. 1 Egg
  11. 1 few drops Vanilla essence
  12. 1/2 tsp Grated lemon peel
  13. For the filling:
  14. 80 grams Blue poppy seeds
  15. 100 ml Milk
  16. 25 grams Butter
  17. 40 grams Honey
  18. 1 tbsp Finely chopped orange peel (candied)
  19. 40 grams Finely chopped raisins
  20. 1/2 Egg
  21. 25 grams Sugar
  22. 15 ml Brandy

Steps to make Polish Poppy Seed Cake

  1. Place the dough ingredients into the bread maker and set it on the “dough-making course.” While that's working, prepare the filling.
  2. Blue poppy seeds are hard to find in stores, so I ordered them from “Amika” (a local restaurant ingredient import store).
  3. Wash the poppy seeds and place them in a colander to drain. Place the poppy seeds and the milk into a pot and cook off the liquid.
  4. Grind the boiled poppy seeds with a mortar and pestle.
  5. Return Step 4 to the pot and reduce the heat to low. Add the butter, honey, orange peel, raisins, and sugar, and mix it all together.
  6. Beat the egg well and add to Step 5. Mix until it becomes a paste. Lastly, add the brandy.
  7. Remove the dough from the bread maker and place it on a plate. Cover with plastic wrap and let it sit for 15 minutes.
  8. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  9. Place the dough on a work surface dusted with flour, and use a rolling pin to roll it out into a rectangle.
  10. Spread the filling on top as shown.
  11. Roll it up from one of the long edges. Seal both ends so that the filling doesn't spill out.
  12. Bake in the oven.
  13. Once baked, let it cool. While still warm, cover with aluminum foil as shown. This will help it remain moist.
  14. Once it has cooled completely, coat completely with icing and it's done.

How ? It’s easy? That’s how to make Polish Poppy Seed Cake which you can practice at home. Hopefully useful and good luck!

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